The Authentic Expense of Repairing an Aluminum Ford F-one hundred fifty | Shopper Studies

Shopper Studies finds that the selling price to repair the aluminum human body of the new pickup is similar to what it charges to restore the steel-bodied edition. The vital issue to keep in mind is to choose it to a store licensed by Ford in aluminum restore. For extra assessments, suggestions, and suggestions check us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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22 thoughts on “The Authentic Expense of Repairing an Aluminum Ford F-one hundred fifty | Shopper Studies

  1. that's right take your ford back 2 a ford dealer …or a junk yard either way doesn't matter 2 me where that pos sits

  2. I live in a small state where dealers are relatively scarce and usually consolidated into 5-8 different brands some of which don't even do repairs, the independent shops do. I much prefer function over form whatever I end up using. I want a phone that can be dropped without looking like a church's window and I want a vehicle that doesn't look like planetary geography emulation after a year or so of helping friends move, hauling heavy supplies, and going on camping excursions and I would gladly trade that for something that isn't as flashy and suffer a bit on mpg if that is the cost.

  3. FORD trucks are way better looking, hey GM Square peg round hole lol GM trucks are junk always trying to play catch up to Ford. Guess what GM the Bronco and Ranger will be back too lol GMC Canyon Enclave lol GM is Government toast

  4. Might, could, virtually all words he has used with NO Certainty. The reason there has not been an insurance increase is because they have not had enough time to gather the data. And Heck the Ford is ugly to boot.

  5. Consumer Reports puts down their competitor Edmunds…and was most likely financial supported by Ford.

  6. A 2016 F-150 box side for a 6.5 foot box from a Canadian Ford dealer costs $1,298. The same in a 2014 (Steel) is $998. If you use the proper equipment and know what your doing the labor will be the same time. The cost difference is minimal. If the body shop you are using tells you different find another shop.

  7. Damn lie??… I own a body shop. Most steal body panels are available aftermarket example $50 for most fenders, we had to repair a Chrysler cross fire and wasn't able to find a fender cheaper then $490 at the dealership. Consider this any repair to the body would cost you over twice as much at the dealership then it would at many good body shops, there is a video on a official test with same small side impact on new aluminum fords and steal Chevys, both sent to certified dealerships and the aluminum body damage cost about $1800 more to repair and took a lot longer.

  8. No the jury is not still out. Untill about 80% plus of the cars and trucks made today are aluminum, It Will cost nearly 3X as much to repair aluminum vs steel. My father and I have owned a body shop for over 20 years and we employ certified body experts. Aluminum is lighter yes but also 10x more difficult to hammer and weld and straighten. AND I BET that panel for that bed will set you back atleast 3k to completely replace and paint.

  9. So basically you did no tests or experiments of your own? Why are you making a video about information when you simply gathered your information from other sources? (Properly) Test the products you are going to talk about before you start "suggesting" what is good and what is bad. You could have at least mentioned that only about 25% of modern, certified and credited body shops are able to work on aluminum panels that are too expensive or hard to replace. I have a feeling you got paid by Ford Motor Company or you simply want to put on a show to prove that you're a good source of information without getting your own results. When it comes to automotive reports and reviews, you guys are the worst. You test vehicles like they're a blender. I've been in the automotive business long enough to know that I won't trust your reviews regarding any vehicle and I encourage others to do the same.

  10. Consumer Reports staff does a great review, and It is most likely true that they don't take any bribe money, but the editors are far from saints, they promote manmade global warming bullshit, they promote government mandated health insurance, they also back almost anything Obama wants and the communist agenda in general.

  11. Ya know, I can't take CR seriously or hand them any credibility. Basically, all I heard was, "we think Edmunds tested this incorrectly". Pardon me, but why the fuck would anybody want to have to hunt or search for a shop that's got the specific tooling required to repair aluminum? Most people aren't gonna know they need different servicing from steel bodies and won't want the added hassle of finding a specific shop to do the repair anyway. Edmunds did fine.

    Anyone remember CR's "coverage" on the Suzuki Samurai? Yeah, welcome to Consumer Reports…

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