THE BORDERLANDS aka FINAL PRAYER ( 2013 ) Horror Movie Review

Follows a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.

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12 thoughts on “THE BORDERLANDS aka FINAL PRAYER ( 2013 ) Horror Movie Review

  1. I think this is one of the better movies of its kind. Mexican here, didn't make it to Mexico but I watched it online.

    Nice find about the cover.

    Any recommendations for more cosmic horror movies?

  2. I've become a bit obsessed by this film. At the end, I thought 'meh' but just like Session 9, I found myself thinking about it more and more and I love it now!
    Grey is very Ben Elton at the start but he ends up being sweet (-which is why what happens is even more grim).

  3. I love this movie. Somewhere between Children of the Stones and the Wickerman. Just a shame Gordon Kennedy didn't reprise his role from Red Dwarf as Krytens replacement. I always thought the thing underground could have been extraterritorial in origin, with an ability to manipulate those around it for food. A psychotropic pitcher plant if you will. See if you can spot Robin Hill' s Unearthly Stranger t-shirt he is wearing in some scenes as a possible pointer. Great review m8ty.

  4. I finally watched it a few nights ago under the "Final Prayer" title. I thought it was terrific, genuinely creepy with a really claustrophobic and disturbing finale. I've been wanting to see it since I heard Mark Kermode's review in which he said he almost left the theater because he was so freaked out. I'm a fan of found footage horror but I'm the first to admit it's been done to death. I thought this film bridged the gap nicely between found footage and straight horror. Great review! Subscribed.

  5. In the U.S.A. its called the Final Prayer. I guess cause of the final scene (shrug). Anyways if you like HPL type horror, then you'll like this film. Just say'in' from the U.S.

  6. So i watched this review and decided to watch the movie i enjoy it alot it was a great horror movie the ending still has me confused but i mean damn this shit was good lol.

  7. I hated this movie didn't find it entertaining but back for hell that is a million times worse, I find the found footage to be quite repeative. UK horror titles get shit on they get a different title its from US or elsewhere and the covers all look the same, a lot just have a picture of just cabin or house I noticed. great review ;-D

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