The Boy – Motion picture Assessment

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Chris Stuckmann testimonials The Boy, starring Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans. Directed by William Brent Bell.

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  1. watched the movie… agree with you mostly.. but the ending was still quite creepy (coming from a girl).. lol

  2. Yeah, you get to someone's house for a babysitting job, only to find out that their boy is a ventriloquist dummy. You then "forget" something in your car, get into your car and drive the fuck away. End of movie.

  3. Saw this movie the other day. Just came out in my country. I personally liked it and the ending. Yes when you think back to the movie you wonder how some things could have happened, but the ending still blew my mind regardless. Wasn't expecting it at all.

  4. Dude wtf a C? R u kidding me; the ending was epic! I don't give a shit if it doesn't make sense, it was enjoyable and unique. I guarantee there's no other movie like the ending of it!

  5. this movie was better than Anabelle. it was cool to watch, nothing badass. its like watching a haunting movie mixed with Michael myers vibe.

  6. fun fact – that cockblocking music that started playing in the middle of the movie was Hungarian Dance no.5, composed by Johannes BRAHMS :)

  7. I've seen another movie called The Boy that came out in 2015 I think, where it tells the story of a kid's consequential obsession with death.

  8. you be good to him and he will be good to you. at the end she said no kiss goodnight it's for your punishment. lol

  9. I found this film to be pretty original, especially when they flipped the script on me for the climax. Was not expecting such a creepy ending, and the more you think about the more you can appreciate it.

  10. "C" for a January horror movie with decent direction and only climax sucks… rushes to the theatre (what a great great year 2016 is) watch THE WITCH instead u will get ur believes back in horror genre

  11. I'm calling it: The boy is actually their son/grandchild and is dead and the body/skeleton is conceiled within the doll.

  12. With solid performances by all the actors, especially Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), who took what could've been a so-so part, and made you root for her to survive. The premise also managed to feel fresh in a lot of ways, with the doll being flawless (no cracks/faded paint/dirty) In fact, the perfection of 'the boy' adds to the creep factor, especially when you find yourself staring at it for seconds on end. The twist was also one, I really didn't see coming, and this only added to my enjoyment.
    My only complaint, the movie didn't really have that much going on, in terms of kills or victims. In fact, I would call this a thriller with horror elements, more than a straight up horror flick. I also would've preferred more time spent interacting with Brahm (the doll) and less time on the whole possible love story angle.
    All in all, The Boy delivered in ways I didn't expect and I plan on viewing it again, when it comes out on DVD. I may change my rating then, but for now I'm giving this movie a ….
    RATING 5 OUT OF 10

  13. By the end, this movie really made no sense and I will admit that, but I absolutely loved this movie. I was not disappointed with what I got.

  14. The plot is stupid really. It's suspense but stupid. They ended with a lot of questions unanswered. First, why did the parents killed themselves? Guilt? Escape? Whatever it is, bullshit. Second, what's the use of the doll anyways? It's not alive. It's kinda cute tbh. It's just controlled by the I-can't-believe-is-alive Brahms. If the parents just wanted to give Brahms a girl, why didn't they just hire a hooker or something? I'm saying this 'cause it seemed like he was going to rape Greta at some point. Third, they're freakishly rich! A surgery is freakin' piece of cake! And I see no entryways from the walls. How could Brahms sneak in and out easily? And I see no way how Brahms eat. Does he eat the food in the freezer? But Malcolm throws that away right? And I see no toilet for him too. And why does he need to live in the walls anyways? They're in the middle of nowhere! No ones comes except the cabbie and Malcolm. Who are they hiding from? God, I hated the movie the second the credits rolled. So unfinished. And also, I never pictured Greta with a guy like Cole. It's like they tried too hard to make him look like an asshole. And how is Brahms the boyfriend of Annabelle? I was expecting real shit. So freakin' disappointed.

  15. Is this a legitimate horror film or a bad Goosebumps episode I mean seriously "THEN HER SHOES GO MISSING AND SHE REALIZES THE DOLL DID IT DUN DUN DUN"

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