The Castles of Burgundy Critique – with the Board Match Knights

Our Australian Gang normally takes a search at this basic game from Stefan Feld

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22 thoughts on “The Castles of Burgundy Critique – with the Board Match Knights

  1. I've only been able to play Castles of Burgundy once (4-players) and I really, really enjoyed it. Compared to Catan, I like his game much, much better. It just seems a lot more balanced and nuanced. I'm definitely going to be picking up this game soon.

  2. Great energy here! Two points of criticism to help you guys improve even more: the explanation of mechanics and pieces happens so very quickly that I have a hard time following it. Reading off a script is incredibly noticeable here! Look back at how many times your group says the word "Yeah" during a review. It's very distracting from the rest of the content! Keep it up, I look forward to all your future reviews!

  3. I really enjoyed your opinions on Castles of Burgundy.  I hope to see plenty more reviews from the Board Game Knights.

  4. I personally use a plano (compartment) box like the ones I use for holding tackle that way just open the box  and there it is

  5. Great review guys (and gal) great to have new faces! I loved your look at this game because there is noway I would even sit down and play this game without strong positive review. It just looks so boring!

  6. Nobody else on the dice tower videos does the number ratings thing they usually just say if they think it is good or not. I liked your videos better without the number system.

  7. What are the point-salad aspects of the game?

    Is the scoring track used regularly throughout the game (so that you always have an idea how well you are doing) or only at the end when points are counted? In other words, is there at least something like mid-term point counting like in Alhambra?

  8. Board game knights rule! Well done to you all for the best new reviewers on the dice tower! Can't wait for more videos. Great job everyone!

  9. Who doesn't love Castles of Burgundy? I introduced it to two new players this weekend and we had a ball. Nice review.

    Side note: I've always felt that assigning a numerical score to a game review is a bit pointless, even if it is in keeping with the way reviews used to be done. It's not like reviews are so carefully calibrated such that a reviewer would be able to say without hesitation that a game rated 9.0 is definitively superior to a game rated 8.8. We're talking about opinion here, not calculus.

    I would much prefer a simple system of just "poor", "average", "good" or "must own". Or, if we really feel that we need to cling to a numerical system, then I think a 1-5 star rating would also suffice.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. I like these three and their reviews.  They are so natural and loke watching a few old friends discussing their ????? game.  I am looking forward to the next BGKnights adventure!

  11. I really like that they focus on their opinion and perspective of the game instead of the usual "rules summary+review" of the other reviewers. 

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