The Dame by R.A. Salvatore (E book Assessment) – Reckingball Reviews – Difficulty #six

My critique of the novel The Dame, by New York Instances Bestselling writer, R.A. Salvatore, most effective identified for his creation of the fictional fantasy character Drizzt Do’Urden and for penning the bestselling Demon Wars Saga. R.A. Salvatore

Salvatore is one particular of my all time favorite fantasy authors, if you delight in looking at fantasy, he is one particular of the top rated players!

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8 thoughts on “The Dame by R.A. Salvatore (E book Assessment) – Reckingball Reviews – Difficulty #six

  1. For anyone interested, the 4th and final book is being released in August of this year (2010) and is titled 'The Bear'.

  2. @goohber1 First thanx for the comment and second u should try the late Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind and Steven Erikson, all great examples of the most epic kind of fantasy

  3. thanks 4 well thought out review. shows u care & it is genuine. by the way, u know fantasy stories with mostly action(not philosophic talk) but that do not contain any magic or ghosts, elves, dragons, or magical items? I want 2 read something very mortal but it seems "sword & sorcery" is my best chance. while i don't like magic, i do confess 2 enjoying a good series in jr high(1993) called The Avatar Trilogy. enjoyed cause big god Ao stripped all gods' powers & forced them 2 live like mortals.

  4. Yeah, start wherever you like it isn't that hard to figure out but Icewind Dale is the beginning and reading from there would let you get the full expierience.

  5. Thank you:) But another question, can I start with any trilogy? and it will still make sense?
    I already bought the first three books of 'The legend of Drizzt'

  6. yeah Forgotten Realms is a universe of magic fed by dozens of different authors using the same world as a setting. It's also a gaming platform.

    I totally reccommend that you read Drizzt, it has its ups and downs like anything that spans more than 2 decades, but Drizzt is Salvatore's literature magnum opus.

    I reccommend u start with the Icewind Dale Trilogy, thats the first Drizzt series Salvatore published and still considered the best of them all.

  7. Hey, I really dont undestand this, wtf is the forgotten realms? i mean, many stories in one universe? i totally dont understand and im thinking to read the legend of rizzt, is it good?

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