The Gadget Show – iPhone 5S Review

After a week of playing with it we see if the iPhone 5S is worth the upgrade fee, or if it can match up to the S4 or HTC One. Take a look at this video review to find out….For more gadget news and reviews

19 thoughts on “The Gadget Show – iPhone 5S Review

  1. Ugh I had a try of the fingerprint scanning programming test app and it gave me a headache and made me a bit dizzy. I heard a few people complain about that. Also as mentioned at the end of this video, it is still very expensive and the battery life is poor

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  3. I can finally say that I think I prefer Android. I've got an iPhone 5 and my next phone will be next year, it'll be a Galaxy S5.

  4. A few points that stuck out to me were, dont you still need to take your gloves off to type a password in anyway?

    And some top level DSLR's can only not manage 10fps because they feature moving parts that are more expensive to produce at that speed.

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