The Gadget Show: Top 5 CES 2011

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31 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Top 5 CES 2011

  1. @Filleman96 – And you think that a £50 HD camera will look better than a studio-quality SD cam?

    You guys can't even tell the difference between SD and HD never mind, you just get hung up on numbers and buzz-words. If someone told you they offered "HD" audio, you'd believe them without noticing that it's just marketing hype.

  2. how come Jon Bentley can spend 15 minutes going on about a phone whilst a report from CES gets 3 minutes?

  3. @joevictor53 Well you can take out a Sky Player subscription if you don't have Sky already, but it costs alot so it isn't really worth it. I have a Sky Player on the 360 run though on my channel if you want to see it, they have updated the look and the amount of channels since but it shows you what it is like.

  4. @Filleman96 The cameras they use to film these are worth thousands of pounds, they just don't export the shows in HD.

  5. @iTzFiNaL Oh right. That sounds pretty cool. Is it useless to people who don't have Sky? I'm just asking because I don't have an Xbox myself and my friends who do own it, don't use the feature and know nothing about it

  6. @joevictor53 If you have a Sky TV subscription already and Sky Multiroom or Sky Broadband Unlimited then you can use Sky Player for free and you get access to any channel that you have on your TV that is also on Sky Player. Not every channel is on both. You can watch live TV or watch shows on demand, if you have the movies pack then on Sky Player you get access to hundreds of on demand movies, it's really great. The only downside of it is that they are not in HD.

  7. @iTzFiNaL Actually thinking about it, I see your point. A Blu-Ray player really should only be that. It makes sense to add it to a PS3/360/Wii or even a TV but it doesn't really make sense to add stuff to a Blu-Ray player as the person is really only buying something to watch Blu-Rays and DVDs on. I've never known someone who used the Sky Player. I'm just curious. How exactly does it work? Do you pay for programmes or is it like iPlayer for Sky users?

  8. @joevictor53 I completely agree with you with those features being on a PS3, I use Sky Player on my 360 and its great. The consoles are a media centre, but I don't really think they belong on a standalone blu ray player. Afterall why do you buy a Blu Ray player? To watch Blu Ray disks. The Ps3 and 360 are more suited to lots of different tasks IMO like Skype (it it was done), on demand movies and steaming media and of course gaming.

  9. @iTzFiNaL Well I don't have a Blu-Ray player on its own but I do have a PS3, and I'd love to be able to do skype from my sofa in front of the TV using the PS Eye or something. I agree, iPlayer and YouTube make a lot more sense but not all the features are going to be suited to everyone. For example, I can do LoveFilm on my TV or my PS3 but I'm never going to use it because I prefer having films in a physical format so I'd rather watch them on DVD

  10. Why would they put Skype on a Blu Ray player? It seems like they are putting everything on everything these days. If I want to use Skype I can easily use my PC, you don't need all these apps on your TV / Blu Ray player. Things like iPlayer and YouTube I can understand because they are video on demand services but things like Skype have no place on a Blu Ray player IMO.

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