42 thoughts on “The Gears Of War 3 XBOX 360 Console Unboxing and Review

  1. Uh, These have been discontinued. And when they were new they were $399.95 So I have no idea how you get a brand new one for $250.00

  2. DONT most of the ones that got sent out dont work and they r hard to find id get the gears of war one i got it lastnight and its sick!!!

  3. just for the record, the noise made when you open the disk drive is the sound made when you clear all enemies in the immediate area. I'm not sure about the "on" noise but you hear it quite often in the Gears of War games.

  4. @oshawottmudkip It's a personal choice. I prefer this game so I would say this Gears of war one would be best, but you might prefer MW3. If that is the case then you should get that one

  5. i'm thinking of buying this on saturday from gamestation, it comes with forza 4 for £225, which is a really good deal but i don't know if i'd regret the permanent colour of the console and controllers after a while :/

  6. my old old old xbox (20 gig HD, no hdmi, or wireless) died tonite. After watching this vid I know what ill be getting to replace it! good video, cheers!

  7. @Stickpumilingmutha Yeah the noises would have got on my nerves after a while, but the good thing is they don't work if you use the gamepad to open the disc holder, or switch it on and off. Thanks for watching

  8. the transforming d-pad is a nice touch bout it and the epic edition on midnight release if you twist the d-pad in goes to the old way then twist again to gett back to the more popped up way great review only problem is i think the noises are a wee bit tacky

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