The Gunman – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Gunman, starring Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, Mark Rylance, Jasmine Trinca. Directed by Pierre Morel.

42 thoughts on “The Gunman – Movie Review

  1. The Gunman was really boring… omg :/ And there are so much chances in this movie to actually let something happen… BUT IT DIDN'T :/

  2. I love the movie, the soundtrack is still haunting me and i watch the film, listen to the soundtrack regularly

  3. My favorite scene in the movie is when Mark Rylance gets ran over by a bull and gets impaled by the horns I laughed my ass off but the movie is so boring.

  4. I don't see too many movies these days but I did see this one. I thought it was a good movie. Kept me entertained and I like old 80s action movies maybe that's why.

  5. I really like the movie to tell you the truth better than for example movies like the expendables..for an action movie I think it's decent!

  6. This was really dull. I was looking forward to watching this, I thought it be like a Bourne movie.. How wrong I was

  7. I saw it on Netlfix and it wasn't that terrible. I think Sean Penn was ok in it, yeah the plot was slow and at times not so interesting, but it didn't really suck that much. It was an ok movie that entertains you while you watch it but not something you'd necessarily want to watch again.

  8. I finally watched the movie on Netflix and it was boring. I think it funny how Sean Penn is anti-gun and he's in a movie called The Gunman.

  9. naaagh….i'll take one more into consideration for voyeur pleasures sakes……and it will be about IT FOLLOWS

  10. Totally disagree. Is this the best action movie ever? No… of course not. But Sean Penn is convincing as a tough guy and I'm convinced he should be voted the sexiest man alive– he looks great in bed in this movie, BTW. And that surfing scene? Totally awesome, dude. And Barcelona never looked so good.

  11. This movie isn't a Oscar contender or anything, but it's a lot better than the reviews have it pegged for. It's a decent movie. Yeah, the trailer is sort of conniving in relation to one actor's role especially. But it's far from bad.

  12. So you didn't like the movie because you was mislead by its trailer ? I thought this movie was average but i enjoyed it while watching it

  13. Sean pulled another I am Sam bullshit where he desperately tries to impress, trying to come off as either a good actor or like in this shit movie trying to come off as a badass. He went full retard… again.

    He bulked up in a bodybuilder way (I know, Cuz I've done it for a long time) as opposed to how a guy in the gunman's profession would be fit, with functional build, not a bodybuilder look for estehetics, FIRST mistake.

    Sean is desperate for validation and attention, but tries to act all the time like he can't stand the media. He'd cry if they weren't giving him any attention at all. As chris said, this movie is just like any other action movie of today, they miss out on what truly makes a good action movie.

    It's generic, lazy, pretentious.

  14. i watcched d movie, this sean penn character is a very unlikeable character, i hate it. d movie is also very poor, maybe it is all because of sean penn being a jerk. he is so unlikeable. fuck him. this is d 2ndfilm i watched with sean penn in it, the first one being American gangster, that movie was cool. in that he was d villain, i think villain character serve him better. i feel sorry 4 this movie, d story n plot is very cool, it all got ruined by this motherfckng sean penn being casted as d hero. -ve D rating serves it right. it is a very poor sad n depressing awful movie

  15. Sean Penn is dull and lifeless in The Gunman? 

    Huh, reminds me of his political opinions…

  16. so they tried to reboot The Professional with Belmondo, the Bourne series was written after that movie too, but hey every joke is new for a newborn

  17. Doesn't this kinda compare with Drive. The shitty marketing of showing an action film when it's a drama. Not saying it's the same as Drive or any better I'm just saying some marketing in movies are just awful

  18. Me and my friend didn't pay (thank God!) but after the sniper scene in the beginning me and him fell asleep in the theater, once we woke up and realized it still had an hour we got up and left. We thought this movie would be all out action…. I do not reccomend

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