The Lotto Black Book Review – Stop Losing Your Money

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Have you been in search of The Lotto Black Book Review from someone who has actually used it? Are you tired of losing your money on the lotto? If you have visited the site or have read any other reviews you might have seen people saying how good the book is that they won the lottery thanks to this book. I am here to let you know what I found out after reading the book, so I decided to create my own article of The Lotto Black Book Review.

I purchased the book about 4 weeks ago. It was a very easy read, but I was caught up with work so I wasn’t able to get to it as soon as I wanted. After completing the book I was excited to see if what I read in this book was really true. I mean who would want to win the lotto? So I finally bought my first lotto tickets using the secret strategies they teach you in the Lotto Black Book. Keep in mind I have only tried test these methods for two weeks before writing the Lotto Black Book Review.

So in my first week I spent 10 dollars on lotto tickets. When I bought the tickets I wasn’t expecting to win any money. I figured these secret strategies would not work, but I wanted to try them since I had read the book. After the drawing that night I ended up winning a total of $57 between my 10 tickets. I did not win the lotto, but I did make some money.

My second week of playing I decided to buy 20 tickets since I was already playing with winnings. After winning the first time I was hoping to make another $50, but I did not. Instead I ended up hitting 5 numbers of the Florida lotto which made me win over $5,000 with just one ticket. This was the most I have ever won in any kind of gambling so I was really excited. Once this happened I had to tell everyone, which I why I decided to write The Lotto Black Book Review.

After learning the secret strategies I have no reason not to believe that I will win the Florida Lotto. I can’t wait to buy my lotto tickets for this week, and hopefully I will be the next Florida jackpot winner. I hope the Lotto Black Book review provided you with an idea of what to expect.

Keep in mind these are my results, and I’m not sure if everyone else is having the same kind of results that I am having, but based on what I have experiences this book is the real deal. I hope to see you writing your own The Lotto Black Book Review after you too win some money.

If you like what you read from The Lotto Black Book review and you would like to learn the secret strategy for yourself, try the Lotto Black Book

By Jerry Black