The Method Formal Global Teaser Trailer #one (2015) – Lee Tempo, Ben Foster Motion picture High definition

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The Method Formal Global Teaser Trailer #one (2015) – Lee Tempo, Ben Foster Motion picture High definition

An Irish sports activities journalist gets to be confident that Lance Armstrong’s performances throughout the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he begins looking for evidence that will expose Armstrong.

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37 thoughts on “The Method Formal Global Teaser Trailer #one (2015) – Lee Tempo, Ben Foster Motion picture High definition

  1. Ben foster is terrific! Can't wait see his performance. He has got all of lance armstrongs mannerisms down pat.

  2. It's crazy how much money he helped raise for people affected by cancer but he took steroids and everyone lost their shit. Also so many other cyclist were taking steroids in the tour de france and you dont just take them and become a champ, it still takes lots of hard work.

  3. Does anyone know hoe to watch this movie online? I cant find a free site where I can stream it for free like putlocker or solarmovie.

  4. Gotta give Ben Foster some credit here. It can't be easy to play someone who is condemned by the public as one of the biggest cheaters in the history of sport. In fact, if you search the term "cheater" two names pop up immediately. Lance Armstrong for doping and Tiger Woods (for his sex scandal).

  5. Man, this Lance guy is an endless bad PR story….. endless.When's that $100 million suit (DoJ + Landis vs. Armstrong) going to trial, anyways?

  6. I hate being that person, because this movie and the story behind it seems very interesting, but I'm definitely only watching this because of Lee Pace

  7. I don't get people who are like "what is this song?!" in a movie trailer or some other video. Who cares? Is this how you get into new music? No wonder people are listening to horrible music these days.

  8. So excited! I love Ben Foster's work. I will be so ecstatic to see him get nominated for an Academy Award this coming season! He sure looks like he'll get a nomination for sure

  9. To save anyone from scrolling through a dick ton of comments looking for the SONG name. "Running up that hill" – Placebo

  10. the awards year is for fassbender(Macbeth,Steve jobs) ,Colin Farrell (the lobster),ben foster (the program) ,tom hanks ,I dont like to see edie redmayne wins again or it will be a joke like last year

  11. I love this director, Stephen Frears. "My Beautiful Laundrette", "Prick Up Your Ears", "Dangerous Liaisons", "The Grifters", "High Fidelity", "Liam", "Dirty Pretty Things", "The Queen", and "Philomena" are all must-sees from him.

  12. many can be doped, but never won 7 tours. Sometimes we take the wrong way to achieve a goal, but he who is without fault cast the first stone

  13. I think I he will get the nomination and maybe a win, 1 reason being that he is a great actor and it really looks like he did an amazing job in this film. 2nd reason being is that no ones really ever made a film of this magnitude about lance armstrong and the whole doping scandal. I think it will give more people an in depth look at how and what kind person he really was outside of the media & how much of a sociopath/ruthless person he was.

  14. Great job from the director but a piece of shit like Lance doesn't deserve to be remembered or have his story told because he did not respect the sport he was competing in. He cheated in almost all his wins, he should have been banned for life.

  15. Foster being an actor has the ability to lie even better than Armstrong did. And Armstrong was right up there in the Oscar category when it comes to lying. Not to mention the car incident with his girl friend. Lance still creeps me out.
    Ben Foster nails this one. I hope he creeps Lance out in the same way.

  16. Still the greatest cyclist the world has ever known. Doping ain't cheating if EVERY SINGLE OTHER CYCLIST IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!

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