The Onion Critiques ‘Dawn of the Earth of the Apes’

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The Onion’s movie critic Peter K. Rosenthal assessments ‘Dawn of the Earth of the Apes’ in this week’s Movie Normal.

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45 thoughts on “The Onion Critiques ‘Dawn of the Earth of the Apes’

  1. Oh dear God! That is just as good today as it was 2 years ago! Well, and the part about “rebooting a beloved classic" right after Ghostbusters smeared excrement all over the screen this weekend makes it even better!

  2. and after he dies CGI Peter Rosenthal will continue to terrorize holly wood with his CGI reviews lol.

  3. eh what?I thought there was only one film, ROTPOTA, now there is also DOTPOTA… those ape movies confuse me. All I remember is "something – something – apes – humans – something – drama – end"

  4. I had to watch this video again ! Today Ii read that they will remake Memento. My personal most beloved Film of all time. After a moment of crying, I remembered what PERTER FUCKING ROSENTHAL has teached me.

    So I will be there. I will get off by it. Hoping for the Day I can watch a rookies attempt on Casablanca 2.


  5. what the hell is going on here?
    i thought am here for a movie review

  6. Can I not enjoy the movie for having a badass villain to the degree of Heath Ledgers joker that left a void in my heart.  Koba saved my faith in entertainment. Why does the movie have to restore my faith in humanity?

  7. Still the best movie review ever, and about sums up everything hollywood puts out these days. Cough Cough Jurassic World

  8. Let's start remaking silent films but keeping them silent with a big screen of just text every time someone says something.

  9. that guy just burned a copy of Shane's paycheck in the amount of $105.00
    And shane lives at 1834 North Humbolt, Chicago, IL.
    ahhh hahahahahaha what a douche bag!

  10. WTF?
    why is there even written review in the title when he's not even talking about this shitty movie?! o.O
    it wasnt a review…
    it was rant about prequels and remakes 

  11. This is kinda sad, I mean this guy he makes me fearful that the human race is just getting more like "monkeys" no pun intended, he kinda looks like a monkey doesn't he?

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