Theros Intro Packs Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at the five intro packs for this latest Magic the Gathering Expansion

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39 thoughts on “Theros Intro Packs Review – with Tom Vasel

  1. HAHAHAHA! Novice? Jeez, love how he pulls an effing Elspeth and an Ashiok an intro booster what the hell, dude a little research come on, you just chucked around over three times the value of what you bought. Oy…

  2. Why are they including devotion cards in multicolour decks? ACK! What a cool mechanic to be showing off in such a bad way!

  3. Guys, the boosters were open when he grabbed them, he had clearly loaded them with the planeswalkers for comic effect. I can't imagine Tom thought so many people would bite this hard…

  4. Hi Tom, new fan of your vids – i've bought pandemic and lords of waterdeep thanks to your suggestions (next is yedo!). Anyhow, before we played board games we played magic (a LOT of magic, casually mind you, but we're talking 4 hrs a night).

    My question for you Tom is this – is there a game available, perhaps similar to summoner wars or mage knight, that can be played 3 players (as that is often our group size), and that you would recommend? Thanks!

  5. lol This guy doesn't really understand how deathtouch works. What he said about deadly recluse was incorrect. If a deathtouch creature does damage to a player they don't lose the game immediately.

  6. lol at the reactions from the planeswalkers toss. So obvious Tom knows how much they're worth, he even calls them out by name.

    I don't know why anyone would be surprised he throws around a $40 card. He does component drops on all his reviews and those boardgames are worth $30-$80.

  7. I disagree, Magic hasnt changed in the money aspect since I started in 1995. Hell, I even bought 4 Rishadan Ports for £60 in 2001 for my Standard deck then. The beauty of magic is you can play it at whatever level you want, all of them are money sinks to a degree but you control what you spend. Considering it is a collectible game, people are envious of the fact he seemed to peel two lucky cards from his packs. This is no different from finding a £250 boardgame in a car boot sale for £2.

  8. Omg am I the only one who finds this hilarious??? The 2 booster packs inside that one intro deck contained an Ashiok and an Elspeth? 60 dollar value!!! I wish I had some Tom Vasel luck! Next time I'm going to open my boosters with a whatever attitude and see what i can get! Always love the videos!

  9. If the card is a reprint of a card from a previous set then it will quite often have the same artwork as it did in its previous incarnation (although not always).

    For all new cards, the artwork is completely new.
    If the card is a new car

  10. He obviously threw the planeswalkers on purpose. He even pulled them both out for the viewers to see and named them when he came to them.

    I thought it was pretty great.

  11. can someone who knows magic tell me do they recycle artwrok from previous blocks or each new block comes with completely new art

  12. Mr. Vasel, highly encourage you to read Ertaislament which takes a lot of hassle out of preconstructed decks. Also if you enjoy the current Netrunner series, consider "Cube Draft" Magic which limits your cardpool and promotes unique facets of MtG without spending an arm or a leg. Cube is a format embraced by the community and is literally whatever you want to make of it.

  13. Well lets see a board game is $50+. A deck that is like this is $15. I'll take the cards. And the fact that he got a card alone that is $10. You get your money worth, plus it's fun to play. Board games I have to want. Plus that is a waste if I don't like it, there goes $60 that I can't sell anywhere. Maybe half on eBay. Magic keeps its value if you take care of the cards

  14. I haven't played magic in awhile and I saw that and though I bet those 2 planes walkers are worth 30 to 50 bucks together but whatever.

  15. The fact that people immediately commented on the monetary value of the Planeswalkers speaks volumes about what is wrong with Magic The Gathering. Anytime the value of a game's pieces become more of a focus point than the game itself you have a problem.

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