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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Tonight – Train Ettiquette in Japan, New Gadgets, YouTube News

  1. In terms of train etiquette, it's also bad in my host country of the United States. Pregnant women and senior citizens have to yell and publicly shame people for refusing to give up their seats at the front of the bus. 🙁

  2. I'm shocked at how in tune you are with the political system in the USA .. you know it better than 90% of the people over here. This is impressive and sad haha. And Lessig is great, but has no chance. I feel that the person who gets Elizabeth Warren to sign on as their VP will win the Democratic nomination.

  3. I agree that self-driving cars will change society, but I don't see them becoming an all-inclusive living experience. Mobile homes and such already exist, but they haven't seen as much widespread use as you're talking about. Maybe the addition of automation will cause adoption to skyrocket, but I'm doubtful.

    I think cars will become more like public transit, and car sharing programs will take off. First, I expect taxi companies to die out as they're replaced by the automated equivalent, with more extended use trickling in later. Eventually, I think very few people will own a car in the same way home telephones are becoming less common. Interestingly, the cell phone subscription model would probably lend itself extremely well to car use programs, with options ranging from budget to luxury models and pay-as-you-go to unlimited use.

  4. That porn contract thing is horrible. Japan really needs to do some catching up in some areas. The train list is pretty common sense to me, regardless of country… Although their isn't any rules against talking on the train in the UK, if they were talking unnecessarily loudly, then yes it is considered rude.

  5. When I was living there, Korea was similar. Lining up for trains was the norm and the Koreans don't really cut in line.
    Also texting was ok on a train but as you said talking on the phone is not accepted.

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