Top 3 iOS Games August 2012 –’s Top 3 iOS Games for August, 2012. Visit for more great iPhone and iPad game reviews. Additional Links: Bastion – http://ww…
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hotel Transylvania, starring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, CeeLo Green, David Spade, Molly Sh…

Bad Hotel Reviews
How an online travel guide survived ten years in a fiercely competitive landscape

Top 3 IOS Games August 2012 -

I think some travel sites fail for a wide variety of reasons — bad management can be just as deadly as bad content, too much money just as damaging as not enough — and there are examples of global sites that continue to roll on, be it above-mentioned …
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20 years of poetry – a comparative study

I tend to think he risks bad reviews, "countrymen! / Elect me your … with you/ 1996, Moulin Rouge International Hotel/ a prostitute broke my virginity/ yes, I share/ my life with you", Khumalo writes in his ongoing journey to the dark end of the cave …
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49 thoughts on “Top 3 iOS Games August 2012 –

  1. Yup – a virtual version of the default controls is available 🙂

  2. The wide variety of iOS games is keeping me from buying an Android. 🙁

  3. @AppSpy thank you so much for your channel! Its a pleasure seeing your
    reviews and i enjoy them. Keep up your great work!

  4. I knew it! I predicted those 3 to be on this list.

  5. Andrew, please review Kairorsoft’s Cafe Nippon. 🙂

  6. iOS gaming kinda sucks, hopefully apple adds some simple controls to the
    next gen. devises, something retractable

  7. Does anyone know if bastion will come for I phone

  8. where is the Final Fantasy Dimensions review!?!?!

  9. Is there an option to control bastion with touch joystick?

  10. Where’s splice? 🙁 bastion is a cracker though!,

  11. Wild Blood, and yeah, it didn’t too good.

  12. Trigger Fist is my favorite of this month 😀

  13. And solo remix is still expensive because my pocket is empty

  14. i didn’t really like the one from game loft i cant remember the name right
    now but it was like wild something. but anyway i found it quite boring with
    bad graphics i felt underwhelmed for the 7 bucks i forked out to buy it.

  15. I lost your videocast however I just take the more section because you just
    need to be just so small you can barely see the game.

  16. What’s cool about this movie is that when I first watched this movie, I
    never realized that Adam Sandler played as Dracula. This movie was awesome
    from start to finish.

  17. @ChrisStuckmann..u kno Genndy is still tryin to make a Samurai Jack film to
    conclude the series cuz u kno it got fuckin canceled but yea Im bettin if
    this film is a success n say he does get another film to write n direct n
    its a success he’ll get Sam Jack greenlit!! So lets jus pray this dnt bomb!!

  18. The werewolf had 26 children. for the record

  19. I think it should’ve gotten an A- Just my opinion.

  20. you never did a movie review of Toy Story! 🙁 should do one .. or 3 🙂

  21. You have a little bit of child left in you unlike the rest of these

  22. No that was The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight Returns is an animation
    movie .

  23. the song at the end is really awesome haha

  24. indeed. /wiki/The_Powerpuff_Girls

  25. I also love the credits of this movie as its really good. Adam Sandler was
    actually good in this. The music is very techo LOL

  26. I loved this movie. It just struck all the right chords IMO. And the song
    in the last scene was so great, I was just like “I’m going to learn this

  27. this is’nt something I want to see,but I have to admit I was laughing at
    the commercial where that Dracula guy made a farting sound then said
    “without the dump”

  28. Yeah you should I didn’t watch it yet but it looks awesome

  29. Me watching this video: I doubt i’ll go see it. “There’s an entire scene
    dedicated to ripping Twilight” Goes out and buys ticket

  30. i loved the ‘hate twilight’ scene (applause in my theater as well) i was
    happy and content

  31. I am glad you liked it, I might just go see it!

  32. i like the cg clone wars cartoon. but i can understand his assessment on
    it, i almost dropped that show after the 1st episode but somehow i stuck
    through and boy did it get better. i also love the gendy clone wars cartoon.

  33. Word has it that Genndy Taratovsky wants a Samurai Jack movie. This… has
    got… to happen.

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