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The Toyota 4Runner does perfectly off-street. Normally, sloppy handling and ride necessarily mean there are lots of improved choices. Study much more about the Toyota 4Runner and other SUVs on our internet site: http://little

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  1. ya the all time four wheel drive is shit way expensive to fi and 99 percent of the time you dont need 4×4

  2. True! Thanks for the great review. Quite details. I know about the four runner, as I had one back in the 90's. My runner was not reliable. Head gasket leak at 50k. End up trade in for a Tahoe. Both SUV was not reliable. Now I bought my wife a Lexus 330, very reliable. And she has a CayenneS. So far both SUV are quite reliable. 130k on RX330 and 5k on the new CayenneS. Now I am watching some review for a SUV for my daily commute and my company use. I like the land cruiser as well but I am waiting for the new model. Complete redesign like the Cadillac Escalade. Toyota and GM should make a diesel model for the heavy SUV. (Durable, reliable and more torque, better fuel economy too).

  3. Im a proud owner of a 2011 4runner. Comfortable truck, handles well, 100 percent Bullet proof. She didn't mention a word on the most important thing, Relaiability. I have 110,000 miles and not one issue. Love long trips and drive locally a lot for work.
    Poor review. Best truck/Suv i ever owned. Wrong person for the review.

  4. Next time get a 7 foot person to review a vw beetle and see how many positive things they have to say. This lady clearly prefers the smaller crossovers she has no business reviewing one of the most capable off road SUVs. " it's too tall" really…

  5. Is this lady a Nissan executive? She is just looking for things to complain about. No real substance.

  6. Good review from an educated engineer, however I don't see it going over very well with the 4runner guys

  7. Check out some of my videos and then review the 4runner as the beast it is and quit trying to tame it lady…

  8. The criteria by which you access cars is good as cars have certain limits snd abilities that define the type. The 4runner isn't a car… it's a TRUCK. Therefore, the criteria by which you judge them should be distinctly different as the design is different. A car is not a truck. If I am looking for truck based SUV, I'm no going to compare it to a Camry, which is in essence what a Highlander is.

    There are some of us who prefer the ride of a truck to that of a vehicle masquerading as a truck. 

  9. I have owned my 4Runner for almost 5 years and I am impressed.  Never in the shop and no recalls, I didn't think that was possible.  It sounds like the reviewer wants a Highlander.  Very happy that Toyota still imports a body on frame SUV to the US.  I just wish I could have the diesel and manual available everywhere else.

  10. You buy a 4Runner for all the reasons she gave as negatives. That's the whole point of this vehicle. This is the quintessential anti crossover no compromise rock crawler. 

  11. She does realize that she is not driving a mini van, car, or soccer mom suv right? I feel someone needs to inform her what she is reviewing and who the buyers of this vehicle are. I have a 2007 4runner and I love it, and will buy another after this one . reliable, comfortable yet rugged and off road ready stock.
    Couldn't even finish watching this video. ..she was pissing me off.

  12. I'm 6ft tall and drive trucks & busses… so it's not to high for me to step in …so for me I like the ride… not to soft and not to hard…. love in the snow….. 

  13. Once again CR doesn't understand why part-time 4WD systems exist. It's like they have a mental block against even understanding them.

  14. Try driving up I-39 in Illinois or Wisconsin in January.  The fucking west-to-east wind blows snow sideways at 45mph, creating these AMAZING drifts – perhaps only 3 or 4 inches deep, but they are spotty and interspersed with lengthy patches of dry pavement.  At 65+ mph, I don't want to fucking shift from 2wd to 4wd over and over again, as I would have to in some hillbilly 4X4 PICKUP, especially where I may need to have the fucker in 4WD and then turn the fucking steering wheel.

    You RE-tards and your in-town driving in snow, or your freaky groupie off-road shit – whatEVER.  I don't care.  But long distance commuting from dry roads into deep fucking snow can be handled as well by few other fucking vehicles than a Torsen equipped, high ground clearance vehicle like this.

    Jeep?  PLEASE.  Fucking reliability of my ass.  Go to Edmunds dot fuck and read the owners' review of those pieces of shit.

    Kiss me.

  15. This just doesn't handle like a car and I have to step up into it….????  Great job on the review you completely missed the point of the vehicle haha.

  16. This isn't a review. This video explains the negatives. Normal reviews explain positives and the improvements on the positives

  17. It is not annoying to have to switch between 4WD and 2WD. This lady shouldn't drive or do reviews on SUVs. Stick to minivans. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

  18. Totally missed the point of this video. Review it for what it is built for: a tough off road ready vehicle.

  19. My Porsche would be "bobbing" on that road. It is obvious to me she is pushing a liberal agenda – trucks bad. She also forgot some people tow things – which this vehicle does well. Shame on Consumer Reports!

  20. My Porsche would be "bobbing" on that road. It is obvious to me she is pushing a liberal agenda – trucks bad. She also forgot some people tow things – which this vehicle does well. Shame on Consumer Reports!

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