Typical Recreation Space – SHREK Permanently Soon after for Xbox 360 evaluation

Typical Recreation Space High definition testimonials SHREK Permanently Soon after for Xbox 360, the video clip game primarily based on the 4th Shrek movie from Dreamworks. Team up in the final Shrek journey, it truly is like Marvel Greatest Alliance satisfies Shrek. This household game is made for kids and those who are big Shrek followers. Playable by equally moms and dads and young children, Shrek is quite standard kids’ game fare with higher production values and first rate gameplay. This CGR evaluation of Shrek Permanently Soon after has gameplay from Shrek Permanently Soon after on Xbox 360 demonstrating Shrek Permanently Soon after game enjoy in High definition.

41 thoughts on “Typical Recreation Space – SHREK Permanently Soon after for Xbox 360 evaluation

  1. Man, getting an E rating is impossible nowadays. I mean, I bet you five bucks that there are no good games on the PS4 / Xbox One / Wii U that are Rated E. Look at Banjo-Kazooie and what it could do with an E rating, and look at what was wrong with Shrek Forever After.

  2. I take my other comment back, cross it out, and forget about it. I hate Shrek Forever After The Video Game. I got it when I was 9, and I was innocent, and the game was made for my age, so I liked it, and had to say what I said in my other comment. But now I'm 13, past it's age, and hate it. I thought I still liked it from when I was 9, but I played it again, and hated it. Imagine a 13 year old or older still playing it, ridic. When I was little and innocent  I decided to choose a bundle, and my mom accepted. And than she chose 1 game for her, "Your Shape", to work out at home and lose weight. And I chose "Kirby's Epic Yarn" and "Shrek Forever After The Video Game". And Kirby's Epic Yarn is really cool, pretty easy, but cool, especially if you try to get all beads. But Shrek Forever After sucks. The only good thing about it are a few fights, and that's it. All you do is solve puzzles and open treasure chests. And it just sucks. It's for fucking little kids who are like 0-7 years old. I hate this game. I'll just try to return it to the store, try to trade for another game at Gamestop, or I'll just freaking break it and throw it away in the trash if none of those are possible/if my mom wants to fucking keep it anyway (Which would be ridic, a 30 year old women keeping or even worst, playing a boring game ment for 0-7 year olds? Wtf. I find "Your Shape" boring IMO because I don't like exercising and losing weight much, but it's understandable because it's something to lose weight and something to work out at home, and people who like working out and losing weight like it. Unlike Shrek Forever After The Video Game, which is just a stupid and boring kiddy game.).

  3. I have this game and it's pretty good. Not the best game ever or mind blowing, in fact my least favorite Wii game that I own currently, not as good as my other games, but it's good. It's not super challenging but it is kinda challenging sometimes, with some challenging puzzles and especially battles, and it's just pretty cool. And the animation is really good.

  4. i beat this game atleast 5 times a year. I emailed XPEC and activision, i begged them to make more shrek games but they never listen.

  5. Can somebody tell me what is the code to unlock some cheat in the main menu related voice of xbox360 platform game?
    I'm desperatedly looking for it. It's unlockable by gamepad sequence (like up,down,up,X, etc…)

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