Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar Assessment – Starlit Citadel Evaluations Period 2

Starlit Citadel reviews Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, with Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell. Assessment duplicate generously donated by Czech Game titles Version. In Tzolk’in, gamers are Mayan tribal leaders competing to obtain the most favour from their gods by putting employees on the board’s moving gears. It can be playable by 2-four gamers in one.5 to 2 hrs. games games/tzolk-in-the-mayan-calendar.html

Movie and title by Rob Hunt (Phasefire Movies)

Hair and makeup by Ashley Young

25 thoughts on “Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar Assessment – Starlit Citadel Evaluations Period 2

  1. Interesting that board game uploads with regular gamer guys get 50 to 3400 views and a review with 2 well dressed, attractive lassies gets nearly 20K!
    Gamer dudes….

  2. I love the way they explain the game, a lot of reviewers on youtube speak like they are depressed or have potato chips in their mouth, now, I only watch Kaja and Joanna or the dice tower's video, it's nice to see quality review, too bad they're shipping cost is too expensive, but i work for canada post as a postman, so i understand why, sadly

  3. Wow, what a nice production quality. I've never played this game, but literally every detail of that video ws perfect. Well done ! :)

  4. I disagree with the role book, it is easy to understand (at least for me), thenk you for your review, I would love to see a playthrough after your reveiw. Regards

  5. Ah I see, well not every game is for everyone for sure. Have to say though, these types of Euro games did not interest me at all, I couldn't understand the fascination. I forced myself to learn a few, and I was surprised to end up liking some of them.

    There's still a lot of the popular ones that feel really boring to me, many of them move to slowly, but Tzok'in moves pretty quick since the moves themselves are simple. It's a really fun mind/planning/race experience.

  6. yea… lack of ballance between it beeing fun and too complex.
    the sound of its complexity has already scared me off. makes me want to jawn already.

  7. Not sure I understand. You're saying that complex = lack of balance?

    The game actually isn't that complex, but I guess it depends on what kind of games you're used to. As the lovely ladies mentioned in their review, this game is easy to learn, but it's really hard to master. Everything is on the board, and easy to plan out moves because of the temporal aspect of it, but it takes a lot of experience to learn how to set up the big point combos.

    It's definitely takes an investment.

  8. Wow thanks for the review, and jamstrat thanks for the info about the corn tiles 🙂 Seems like i will be soon buying my games from across the border 😀 Keep up the good work.

  9. I've seen videos that lasted over 40 minutes that didn't explain this game anywhere near as well as this one does. Picking up this game very soon, it looks great

  10. Somehow I keep looking at kaja's mouth. Her lips are moving very cartoon-like, aren't they? I like it 🙂

  11. Good job. I love this game I've played 10 times in about a month which is very unusual in our group. Even more unusual, I find I havn't yet fully explored all the strategies and am eager to play another 10 games.

    Nitpick comment: You say that buildings offer a one time benefit and then say that farms help feed a worker on *a* feeding round. Farms help feed your workers on all future feeding rounds, they are not one time.

    I'm surprised you didn't like the rule book. I found it to be excellent.

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