Valley of the Kings Assessment – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel usually takes a glimpse at this deckbuilding recreation from AEG

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20 thoughts on “Valley of the Kings Assessment – with Tom Vasel

  1. This game is really fun and plays pretty quick.  With two players it takes about an hour the first time you play.  I like having to choose to improve your deck/block your opponent versus entombing cards to score.

  2. Tat video was worth watching if only for the attempted catch. Genius! Good looking game though, saw it in store today and was very curious.

  3. the best part of this game is the memorization of what cards are in your deck because you need sets to score serious points.

  4. I saw the video with the designer, I can't remember now which con was it, but you put up a ton of previews a month or two ago and this was one of them. I didn't think it was that great how Mr Cleaver explained it (though he seemed like a very nice man) but now it sounds like a great little game and I want to try it! 🙂 Thanks for the review, Tom!

  5. Lol that ending.
    This game seems interesting, I`m a big fan of Love Letter and I`m into little filler games now (that you can also play everywhere and fast). Will pick  up this one soon.

  6. just a note the pyramid crumbles until the end of your turn. you then rebuild the pyramid from the stock pile before the next players turn. i love this game. so easy to teach too

  7. Scoring the cards removed from the game seems like thin-decker's paradise. I love trashing the cards and games that reward doing so w/ a skill. What a curious little design!

  8. Tom

    Thanks for your great review of my game. If you get to Gen Con, please look me up at the AEG booth, where I will be demoing Valley of the Kings.

    Tom Cleaver

  9. I was very interested in getting this game when hearing about it. Glad to hear the positive review, so it looks like I'll definitely be getting it! :)

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