Vintage Video game Space – TEMPLE Run critique for iPad and Android

Temple Run critique. Vintage Video game Space evaluations the well-known TEMPLE Run for iPad making use of the iCade joystick controller and buttons. Temple Run is a no cost sport accessible for iPad, Iphone and Android platforms wherever you handle an explorer like Indiana Jones as he operates absent from risk and collects cash to rating big details!

44 thoughts on “Vintage Video game Space – TEMPLE Run critique for iPad and Android

  1. I love Temple Run, it and Temple Run 2 are still the best endless runners out there. This is a game that will live on for a long time, I wouldnt be surprised if little kids nowadays will still talk fondly of it 20ish years from now like I still do for Super Mario Brothers.

  2. Thank you for uploading. I wish to ask permission to use this video. We are a NONPROFIT group who wish to build room for gamers. Please give us your generous approval. Thank you and more power.

  3. This game looks amazing, very addicting. Nice Kyuss reference! Speaking of, 'Blues for the Red Sun' by Kyuss was one of the best recordings EVER! Amazing call. 🙂

  4. In this game, you run on a very complicated path (Coincidence?) from a bunch of man eating monkey things. Indiana Jones meets Planet of the Apes.

  5. I love your ideas for more backgrounds! The way you said the anime suggestion was hilarious yet smart! Great review BTW. 😀

  6. go back to admiring che guevara "the rebel" hope you've never worn any of his shirts, im sure THAT wouldnt make him turn over in his grave

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