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The Volkswagen Passat is just one of the most major designs on the auto market – both equally from a reputation and revenue issue of perspective.

The Estate version of the Passat provides extra practicality around the saloon model and will favour spouse and children and enterprise clients alike.
We choose it out on the highway to see what it can do.

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15 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat Estate 2015 evaluation – Vehicle Keys

  1. They should have added hiding benches at the back. VW doesn't have a 7 seater model why VW why

  2. the Passat had drls in late 2010 yet in 2015 they still haven't changed to the preferred choice of led drls….unbelievable.

  3. Cool review. .
    It's now got the space of the soda superb. .a nice looking car…..
    My passat has 200k and probably another 200k left in the engine…
    1.9 tdi……

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