Wipeout: The Game Review (Wii)

The Wiiviewer actually reviews a Wii game! It’s called Wipeout: The Game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Wii FIT for Nintendo Wii GAME ONLY

Wipeout: The Game Review (Wii)

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Wii Fit European box art
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD Group No. 5
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Motoi Okamoto
Producer(s) Tadashi Sugiyama
Composer(s) Toru Minegishi
Manaka Tominaga
Shiho Fujii
Series Wii
Engine Wii Sports (modified)
Platform(s) Wii

Wipeout: The Game Review (Wii)

Price: $ 9.95

25 thoughts on “Wipeout: The Game Review (Wii)

  1. only played this game once at a friends place, we all had a ball!
    Definitely not a game to play on your own. Watching your friends fail and
    replayed in slow-mo was hilarious

  2. Playing this with a friend never gets old. It’s hilarious to throw balls at
    them and pick a character with a bikini. 

  3. Your voice is quite like that of Ray on “Girls”. Carry on.

  4. I hate this game so much. The challenges are way to hard, even on easy.

  5. This game looks like the old Pandemonium game!

  6. Doritos crash Course is way better. I just played wipeout 3 and it is
    terrible. Not sure if I should waste my time trying out this game.

  7. that graphics are obously supposed to look like that and graphics alone or
    definatly not what makes a game good

  8. @SuperSlashnoBros he’s just pointing something out fanboy

  9. I think there is a Xbox 360 version for the kinect that makes it seem
    almost like the real thing

  10. puase this vid mute it get up a new tab – youtube type in coldplay paradise
    click one – not vevo play both at the same time = 😉

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