WWE Superstar Showdown Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at this Gale Force 9 Game about wrestling!

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21 thoughts on “WWE Superstar Showdown Review – with Tom Vasel

  1. 8:02
    Chris Benoit, for those of you who aren't wrestling fans and are
    watching this for some odd reason (like me – I wanted to know
    if I should recommend this to my cousins who like wrestling).
    (At least, I assume that's who he means – I don't know why
    any other wrestler would be singled out, but then again, I'm
    not a wrestling fan, I just happen to know about that.)

    …and that's what I wrote up without reading the comments first.

  2. I fondly remember my childhood-infatuation with wrestling, so if this game comes out with a "blast from the past" expansion (Hulk Hogan -despite his current status, The Ultimate Warrior, Snuka, Undertaker, Macho Man and so on) THEN I'm all over this.

  3. This has the potential for infinite expansion packs. Undertaker vs Kane, Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy.

  4. No Brock Lesnar with a deck full of suplex cards? I don't get that at all. They put Big E in but not Brock Lesnar. That… makes no sense.

    And what about finishers?

  5. Holy crap… What was that at the end? The minis Tom, think of the minis!!! I almost fell out of my bed when I saw that.

  6. I feel like the ring seems too big. Like they should have made the models bigger or the ring smaller. Cause those things are kinda tight.

  7. As for that "one wrestler", I do think it is a shame they felt that they had to completely wipe his legacy from the face of the Earth. Not supporting what he did or said, firing him would make sense, but pretending like he wasn't THE prolific wrestler for several generations? Come on.

  8. I don't follow/watch WWE anymore but the game doesn't look like complete garbage. GF9… another good job.

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