Xbox 1: Screening Out the New Kinect

We recap our palms-on session with the new and enhanced movement sensor.

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Xbox 1: Screening Out the New Kinect

41 thoughts on “Xbox 1: Screening Out the New Kinect

  1. do you know how we browse with our hands movement on Xbox One with Kinect, I don't see any options to browse with hands and there is no option to set up my hands? Please let me know, Thanks

  2. i bet you don't even know what fallacy means. you probably just googled it so you can sound smart.

  3. Explain to me how that in itself is a fallacy. Also, why it is cute? Just because I enjoy all of the consoles and defend them all does not make it cute nor a fallacy. Although I guess it depends on your perspective with the whole "cute" thing.

  4. I'm sure that's not the case, the audio might be very slightly improved but it won't be noticeable, but we'll see. Otherwise, why would they increase the quality of their generic headset if the Kinect's audio is "soooo advanced"?

    The PS4 is a product that I'm the most excited for. I also want a Wii U and a Vita. I'm not a fanboy, I don't swear allegiance to a particular company, just multitudes of them.

  5. I do agree the mic in the Kinect 1.0 sounded like crap but I'm sure that has been improved. Also Why are you calling me a fanboy when your picture is a PS4?

  6. Prove it then because there's no "massive" difference at all, fanboy. It'll be the same unresponsive shit and will have the same shitty audio quality, the Kinect is nothing special.

  7. All I said was "can't know 'til they come out" and you start your rampage… I'm not a fanboy of anything. I play Xbox because I like it. I also like the Wii and Ps3. Chill bro

  8. We all know what the Kinect 2.0 can do, it's the exact same thing like the Kinect 1.0. The mic quality is shit and it'll be unresponsive. Xbox fanboys are retarded.

  9. The difference is that Xbox Done's Kinect will allow you to be on Skype: 1. It ruins your gaming experience because of video chat being in the way of your game 2. People can send you pictures of their penis to troll you and 3. Kinect is a pedophile's dream.

  10. They actually DID have always on Kinect that had to be connected to your console in order for it to turn on AND it also had spying before they took out DRM (which is still shitty that they tried it in the first place).

  11. if the kinect wants to record me rubbing my go-nads and shooting a load all over the carpet… then by all means.. microsoft can watch me do it alllllll they want.

  12. Don't be retarded, there is no worry of spying in the living room. It is super easy to detect if any data is leaving your living room, ESPECIALLY video and audio.

  13. dude unbox the apple pippin and tell us how much its going to kick off again, lol search apple pippin unboxing 1996

  14. @vytmong yeah i totally agree! and dude! i think you would enjoy this game have a look ->

  15. You realize the NSA can listen to you and track you and sometimes watch you with your phone being off right? Unless you manually remove all the microphones, cameras and GPS systems out of it rendering it virtually useless it's always possible for it to spy on you unless you take out the battery. Besides cell phones deal with much more personal information than a Kinect and those three companies are giving it all to the NSA.

  16. You don't want to spied on do you? No one does. The thing is if you don't want to be spied on then you should throw out all your Apple, Google and Microsoft devices and never use any of their applications again. So that means most cell phones, PC's, applications and what not are spying on you. What's the big deal with kinect?

  17. I find it amaing how many slaves don't mind being spied on. Some of you need to cut the game off and learn some history. At some point you people need to wake up and say enough is enough!

  18. What I'm afraid of some ask? I say it's as simple as me being a person that don't play games that require an camera therefore I don't need the damn thing. Just a little memo for any fools who say what about my phone. I have two phone. One has nothing on it and the other is a smartphone. I choose to take the phone with me when I want it and leave it behind when I don't. At the end it's my choice.

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