Xbox 360 Arcade Unboxing

Very excited to have this(as you can probably tell). Best birthday gift I’ve ever recieved. I think I’ll be doing a review of this thing after I’ve play a few games on it, probably six months down the road or so. Sega Superstars Tennis is alright, although it’s not a game I would buy myself. It was nice to have included in the package. Big thanks to everyone who contributed any kind of Christmas/birthday money that helped purchase this thing.

Xbox 360 Arcade Console
Wireless Controller
2 AA Batteries (Controller)
Composite Cables, not Component or HDMI (HD)
Power Supply
Sega Superstars Tennis/Six Arcade Games

This is the newer version of the “Arcade” console. It has the 256 MB of memory built in, so no need for an ugly memory card jutting out of the system. A harddrive will be my first Xbox 360 related purchase.