Xbox One Elite Console and Controller: Unboxing & Review

Xbox One Elite Console and Controller Unboxing & Review! Check out as we unbox and give my thoughts of my overall experience with both the Elite console and controller. Is this worth the upgrade?

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25 thoughts on “Xbox One Elite Console and Controller: Unboxing & Review

  1. This bundle or an xbox one s for £200? I don't have a 4K TV or anything btw which is the main reason im considering this so much (and the controller looks so cool obvs)

  2. I just got the Xbox Elite just yesterday for my birthday and I love it so far. I still had the Xbox 360 before so this is a BIG upgrade for me. I want to explore more on how it works and want I can do to get the full experience of it.

  3. The cable is there to use the controller in wired mode to get rid of wireless lag for more competitive gaming.. Makes sense now?

  4. The braided cable is much more than you think it is. The elite controller is the only Microsoft controller to actually allow the data to pass through it when plugged in. Meaning, no button press lag. These days nobody seems to worry to much about it, as button press lag is pretty much unnoticed on wireless controllers. However, many competitive gamers wouldn't use a wireless controller over a wired controller if given the choice. This controller allows you to actually pass the data through the cable and not even have to think about the issue at all. Lets face it, if you are at a tournament, why wouldn't you plug in instead of going wireless. Other Xbox controllers, even when plugged in, still transmit the data wirelessly and the plug in just charges the batteries.

  5. Thanks for making that video, because for my B-Day I would like to get an Xbox One Elite Bundle. But with that info you gave me. I might be able to get my mom to get it for me, So thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. why is the down side battery in controller to remove ?
    there is 30% of PS4 controllers already on services to fix battery for new one.
    If you have money for xbox one , then you have money for 4 rechargeable batterys for controller.
    its better that you can change battery by your self then send your controller for 2 weeks waiting to fix your controller.
    PS4 rechargeable controller is not the future , its the past…wtf…

  7. Are the magnets bad for a cell phone? Because I thought magnets could ruin an iPhone just wondering if it can still break it also I have a controller with lithium batteries so I can recharge it also I have a USB cable can I use that also?

  8. Sooo is there really a point in the elite?? My xbox one is a 1TB. its the advanced warfare edition. I own the controller already. I however need a new console bc I guess my adw consoles is near the end of life. Its the 2nd time its done this random black screen freeze out thing playin ops 3. Might not be anything serious. Have to call GS or look it up really. But in the case I may have to replace my xbone. would i even need the elite console?

  9. Thanks for making this video JB 🙂
    Gonna save up now to help my skills in Call Of Duty 🙂
    Might be a while but thanks again 🙂

  10. I'm probably gonna sell my Xbox one to pick up one of these cause i hate this glossy bullshit and i really want to try the new controller :p

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