Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Hands-On Review: A stunning sequel

This is our Mi MIX 2 Hands-On Review.

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Last year Xiaomi unveiled what is widely considered to be the world’s first borderless smartphone. They called the original Mi MIX a concept phone, a vision of what the smartphone of the future would look like. The Mi MIX 2 is that phone’s successor – not just a concept phone anymore, but a phone for everyone.

But is it your GadgetMatch? We flew to Beijing, China to find out.

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39 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Hands-On Review: A stunning sequel

  1. Yeah, just order it from anyone but GearBest. They can't fill their orders aftet they promise you they phones are in stock (via chat, since they don't have a number to call them directly) and lie to you about ship times. Never again!!

  2. Underwhelming. Just like everything else now other than price. All changes from the original turned me off. Nothing exciting about this phone asides maybe working at 4g in the US. I'll stick with my Huawei mediapad x2.

  3. Mix 2 is a downgrade from the original. They made the screen smaller, lower battery capacity and most of all they removed the 3.5 adiuo jack like wtf.. It even have a chin which they said it won't

  4. Like the tone and enthusiasm in this review. But would love to see more of comparative reviews. That way, an impartial presentation can be drawn with respect to different features and parameters; and whether or not the same translate to a meaningful benefits to different consumers.

  5. Love the design, definately much better than the iPhone X… BUT! No oled screen, won't have the performance of the iPhone, won't have the battery life of the iPhone (or even its own earlier model). Hope these things improve with the next gen. And yet, its HALF the price of the iPhone :'D

  6. I ordered this on Friday. Been an apple slave for years. 600 bucks for this beauty. 1000 for the X,if you ever get one..

  7. Great video, mate. Immediately subbed! 🙂
    I hope to get my hoggish fingers on the Mix 2 soon. Sad that it's always such a hassle to order the phone directly from Xiaomi in the beginning (in China at least). Like OnePlus in the early days 😉
    Anyway, keep up the great work!! 👍

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